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Traders are at the fore-front of everything we do. We are incorporated in SVG and have a passion to provide traders around the world with superior platform, ultra- tight spreads and a demonstrated commitment to support our clients 24/7.

Our humble journey so far

Blueberry Markets was founded in 2016 by Dean Hyde, who wanted to launch a new Retail Forex brand known for its low spreads and high level of client service. 50,000 traders later, we’re now an Australian finalist for Best Online Customer Service with Finder.

Finder Award 2020 Finder Award 2021
Finalist for Best Online Customer
Service in both 2020 and 2021
Dean Hyde

Dean Hyde

Founder, Managing Director
at Blueberry Markets
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Meet our Founder

It’s always a good time to
make your money work for you...”

Just like the ever-evolving landscape of the Forex market, we are always seeking out newer avenues to grow. The man leading us in this vision is none other than Dean Hyde, managing director of our Australian Forex company, Blueberry Markets. Armed with over a decade of experience in the industry and continuous study of the market as both a trader and a broker, he shares that the business of Forex has been growing since the pandemic started. His mantra? It’s always a good time to trade.

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*Disclaimer: Rated by Australia’s largest and independent comparison site Blueberry Markets was a
finalist for the Best Online Customer Service in both 2020 and 2021.