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Trade commodity CFDs online with leverage on Gold, Silver, Platinum, Brent, and Crude Oil

Blueberry Markets gives you access to tight spreads, quick execution, and flexible trading conditions

Why Trade Commodities with Blueberry Markets?

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Trade commodity CFDs with leverage flexibility per local regulations

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Deposit and withdraw easily with zero commission

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Wide range of
commodity instruments

Trade the most popular commodities in the world including gold, silver, platinum, and oil

Tight and competitive spreads with ideal trading conditions

Take a look at our commodity trading live spreads

Instrument Bid Ask Spread
USD Gold Gold USD Gold - - - Trade Arrow Icon
USD Silver USD Silver Silver - - - Trade Arrow Icon
Platinum Platinum - - - Trade Arrow Icon
US Crude Oil US Crude Oil - - - Trade Arrow Icon
Brent Crude Oil Brent Crude Oil - - - Trade Arrow Icon

Live prices are indicative only. Check your platform for the most up to date prices.
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Increase your exposure
by entering
commodities market

Diversify your portfolio and spread risks by trading commodities against the US Dollar in the future market, using CFDs.

When you trade commodities with Blueberry Market, you don’t buy the underlying physical assets. Instead, you simply trade the price movements of the commodities through CFDs.

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Trade commodities on
the world’s
leading trading platform

Trade CFDs on gold, silver, platinum, and oil markets on the popular
MetaTrader platform. Get access to industry leading chartings, in-built
indicators, advanced order executions, and automated trading and
enjoy flexibility to trade the way that you prefer.

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Start trading the global
market today

Frequently Asked

A guide to start commodity trading

To start commodity trading, you need to first sign up for a live account with a trading broker like Blueberry Markets. Once your trading account is set up, you can make the initial deposit, select the commodity you want to trade in, and place your first trade.

A guide to how commodities traded

The most common way to trade commodities is by buying and selling contracts on futures exchange through CFDs. Instead of actually buying underlying assets, you enter an agreement with the broker on a future price of a commodity and sell it at a later date.

Is commodity trading better than stock trading?

Commodities do carry a higher risk than the stock market. But the commodities market offers a higher degree of leverage which means there is larger profit if successful*. With commodity CFDs, investors can trade in the direction of securities for short term making commodity trading especially preferable by traders.

*Trading on margin is high risk.

What is a commodity CFD?

Commodity CFD (Contract for Difference) is a contract between the trader and broker (also known as the buyer and seller) where the trader gets paid the difference in the commodity price during the opening and closing of the contract.

A guide on how you trade commodities in CFD

When you trade commodities through CFDs (Contract for Difference), you invest a small price of the commodity in exchange for a contract, instead of actually owning the underlying commodity. You can close the contract at a later date when the commodity price moves higher than the buy price to profit from it.

Which commodity is ideal for trading?

Crude oil is one the best commodities in the world to trade since it is naturally occurring and it is a fossil fuel made up of organic materials. The high demand of crude oil across different countries makes it highly volatile and profitable for trading. Gold is also a great commodity to start your trading journey.

What is the required amount of money for commodity trading?

You can open a live account to start commodity trading for as little as $100. With Blueberry Markets, you can sign up for a live trading account by depositing a minimum of $100 and get started with commodity trading.

How to put stop loss in commodity trading?

A stop loss is an automatic order that signals the trade to be executed as it reaches the pre-selected cut-off price point. You can use stop loss in commodity trading to minimize your losses, especially during severe market dips.

How to open a commodity trading account

You can open a commodity trading account with Blueberry Markets by signing up on the website You can either open a live account for as low as $100 to start trading in the real commodity market or try a risk-free demo account to practice your trading strategies.

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Disclaimer: There are also risks involved
as margin trading is high risk such as
the loss of margin.