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Instrument Bid Ask Spread
eurchf eurchf EURCHF - - -
eurdkk eurdkk EURDKK - - -
eurgbp eurgbp EURGBP - - -
eurhuf eurhuf EURHUF - - -
eurjpy eurjpy EURJPY - - -
eurnok eurnok EURNOK - - -
eurnzd eurnzd EURNZD - - -
eurpln eurpln EURPLN - - -
eurtry eurtry EURTRY - - -
eurusd eurusd EURUSD - - -
gbpaud gbpaud GBPAUD - - -
gbpcad gbpcad GBPCAD - - -
gbpchf gbpchf GBPCHF - - -
gbpjpy gbpjpy GBPJPY - - -
gbpnzd gbpnzd GBPNZD - - -
gbpusd gbpusd GBPUSD - - -
nzdcad nzdcad NZDCAD - - -
nzdchf nzdchf NZDCHF - - -
nzdjpy nzdjpy NZDJPY - - -
nzdusd nzdusd NZDUSD - - -
sgdjpy sgdjpy SGDJPY - - -
usdcad usdcad USDCAD - - -
usdchf usdchf USDCHF - - -
usddkk usddkk USDDKK - - -
usdhkd usdhkd USDHKD - - -
usdhuf usdhuf USDHUF - - -
usdjpy usdjpy USDJPY - - -
usdmxn usdmxn USDMXN - - -
usdpln usdpln USDPLN - - -
usdsek usdsek USDSEK - - -
usdsgd usdsgd USDSGD - - -
usdtry usdtry USDTRY - - -
usdzar usdzar USDZAR - - -

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Frequently Asked

What is spread in forex trading?

Spread is the difference between a currency pair's buying/bid price and selling/ask price, and it determines your trading benefits as well.

Does forex have high spreads?

The major currency pairs in the forex market are traded in high volume, and hence, they have smaller spreads. However, minor and exotic pairs are not traded in high volume and have a higher spread

How is spread calculated in forex?

Spread is calculated by taking the difference between a currency pair's buying/bid and selling/ask price. For example, if you are trading USD/EUR at 1.51/1.52 (bid and ask price), the spread will be 1.52-1.51 = 0.01.

When do forex spreads widen?

Forex spreads widen whenever there is high volatility and low liquidity in the market, which is mostly during the market's closing time or during big news events.

Are spreads high or low better forex?

Lower spreads are preferred by most of the traders as it makes the trade less expensive and more comfortable. It also signifies that the currency pair is highly liquid and not so volatile, making the trade less risky

Why do spreads change in forex?

The spreads in forex change when the market is volatile and there is a change in the buying/bid and selling/ask price of a particular currency pair. Any weakening or strengthening in the currency pair causes the spread to change.

What are competitive forex spreads?

The ideal spread in forex is considered to be anywhere between one to five pips between the buying/bid and selling/ask prices.

Is high spread in forex good?

Forex traders prefer the spreads to be low because it makes the trade more comfortable and less costly. Hence, it is known that a very high spread in forex is not good since that also signifies high volatility and low liquidity of the currency pair.

Which forex broker has the most competitive spreads?

Blueberry Markets is a trade broker that provides tight spreads, fast executions, and attractive market conditions. You can trade forex, CFDs, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and more with Blueberry Markets.

Rated by Australia’s largest and independent comparison site, Blueberry Markets was a finalist for the Best Online Customer Service in both 2020 and 2021.

What forex pairs have high spreads?

Minor and exotic pairs in the forex market have the highest spreads. Minor pairs are the ones that do not consist of the US dollar and exotic pairs are the ones that consist of exotic currencies like ZAR paired with a major currency like EUR or USD.

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