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Instrument Bid Ask Spread
ASX200 AU200 - - -
EUSTX50 STOXX50 - - -
FRA40 FRA40 - - -
GER30 GER30 - - -
HK50 HK50 - - -
JPN225 JP225 - - -
NDX100 NAS100 - - -
SPX500 SP500 - - -
UK100 UK100 - - -
US30 DJ30 - - -

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Frequently Asked

What is an index spread?

An index spread is calculated as the difference between the bid and ask price for a particular index. When you place a trade, you will either buy or sell an index depending on whether you believe the market prices will rise or fall.

How do you trade indices?

The most popular and effective way of trading indices is through Contract for Difference (CFDs). A CFD allows you to profit from both falling and rising prices of the index which in turn makes trading more profitable.

What is the difference between indices and futures?

While an index is a group of stocks, index futures are essentially derivatives. This means that futures are derived from an underlying asset which in this case is an index.

What are indices?

An index or indices measures the overall price performance of different stocks that are grouped together. It is computed by analysing the prices of all the different stocks present in the group.

What are the three indices?

The three most popular indexes in the US include Dow Jones, Nasdaq, and SP500.

Are indices easier to trade than forex?

Forex has the lowest volatility so there is a lesser risk but also lesser opportunity to make big profits. Indices fall somewhere in between forex and stocks, so they have comparatively high volatility making them excellent for day trading.

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